Starting Point Values: Unlocking

Starting Point has three values that make up the core of the project. They are Unlocking, Enabling, and Releasing.

Unlocking, the focus of this blog, means that every young person has potential that can be unlocked and fulfilled. The methods of unlocking potential can be different for every mentor and mentee. These methods could include things such as playing to a mentee’s strengths or developing areas they can grow in.

Many young people have talents that they know nothing about. Starting Point and its mentors help young people find and unlock their talent through tailored support, meaning it is different for every mentee depending on what support they need.

Support from Starting Point could be simple things such as throwing leadership roles onto mentees, putting them in new situations they have never tried before. Often, young people only need to be shown they have potential for them to see it.

Starting Point also helps build on a young person’s potential. For example, if someone is very good at communication, Starting Point will support them in using that potential to further their future careers. Even a simple thing like writing blogs could lead to a job offer.

Ever seen the movie Sister Act? The choir all have potential to be beautiful singers, but only when somebody comes along and brings out that potential do they suddenly become confident and successful.

The first step on any journey of transformation is identifying potential, unlocking and nurturing it, and then seeing it fulfilled. Doing this can take time, but it will be a step taken towards a bright and more hopeful future.

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