Starting Point Values: Enabling

Starting Point has three values that make up the core of the project. They are Unlocking, Enabling, and Releasing.

The definition of Enabling is to give someone the authority or means to do something. In the case of Starting Point and mentoring, Enabling means giving young people the chance to make and sustain positive change in their lives.

There is no guideline to how these changes are created. Everybody has a different view of what is positive. In terms of mentoring, even just small things that might seem insignificant to others can result in a massive positive change to those doing them.

For example, getting a young person with anxiety or low confidence to apply for jobs will be tough, especially if they have a negative outlook. Therefore, focusing on smaller things that build their confidence and to overcome their anxieties can change their negative views into positive ones.

To ensure these positive changes are made and kept, Starting Point can set up a variety of different opportunities. These can be activities such as simply giving young people the chance to talk to someone, setting up voluntary roles which give experience, and mock interviews to allow young people to practise and improve their interview skills.

Through Enabling, Starting Point and mentoring can help make positive differences not only to job/career aspirations, but also to mental health, self-belief and more.

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