Starting Point Values: Releasing

Starting Point has three values that make up the core of the project. They are Unlocking, Enabling, and Releasing.

Eventually, the time comes where the birds must leave the nest. There is no telling when they will fly because people move at different speeds, but when they do, ensuring they have the best start possible is a must.

Releasing a young person from their mentoring with Starting Point can only be done after Unlocking and Enabling are completed. Without them finished, moving onto Releasing would not yield the best results and could hinder a young person’s potential future jobs and careers.

In some ways, Releasing is like school. Teachers teach you valuable knowledge that will help you reach future achievements, but schools cannot teach you forever. One day, the time comes when students will leave to forge the next chapter of their lives.

Stepping away from one thing into another can be scary. But there’s no reason to be if you can hit the ground running. That’s what Starting Point does, helping young people run and then letting them out the door into a bright new world.

The best part about Releasing is watching a young person go forward with confidence and courage, knowing they can see the opportunities available to them and can grab them.

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