The Strengths of Extroverts

Had a wedding recently? I mean have you attended one, not have you got married. Though do feel free to tell me. Back to the point, remember people getting up and dancing on the dance floor, busting a move and likely their backs too.

Those dancers are extroverts.

Extroverts are the opposites of introverts. Put them together by themselves and they might become friends, but their personalities would clash. Imagine that invisible force between two magnets when you try to force them together and they just won’t touch. Extroverts and introverts are like that.

In the terms of today’s world, extroverts likely have the easier time, meaning that the world is set up for them. Social media, meetings, nightclubs and pubs. They are pretty much meant for extroverts. That’s a real positive for them, but let’s break it down some more.

If you’re an extrovert, your brain is hardwired for social activity. Extroverts love talking to people and just making casual conversation, even if that means a quick five second chat about the lovely weather you’re having. Or the bad weather. Either way, they want to talk and therefore they have an advantage in certain situations. Extroverts recharge their batteries through being around people. They’re also great in working in teams and have a passion for entertaining people.

Think about this for a moment. Maybe somebody in your life now or in the past was a chatterbox, the life and soul of a party, somebody who never seemed to be alone and always hung around people. That, right there, is an extrovert.

Due to their natural gift of networking, extroverts are able to make friends quicker than introverts, who are quieter. Extroverts can surround themselves in a large group of friends within moments. They’re likely the ones who will approach and introduce themselves first, perhaps trying to get you to open the same way they have.

Dating and having a romantic relationship also plays to an extrovert’s strengths. Whilst introverts will be shy and love from afar, extroverts will take the first step, chatting and flirting with those they are interested in. This could also produce a larger pool of areas where a date could take place as extroverts will not feel taken out of their comfort zone.

This love of talking and communication leads many extroverts to excel in the workplace. They’re also bigger risk takers, wanting the thrill of the ride and reward at the end. Extroverts will stride towards promotions and will be one of the ones doing all the talking in meetings, determined to say their piece. Extroverts are also good role models as leaders, using their confidence and abilities to hold the room and make everyone focus on them and what they are saying..

Jobs extroverts will thrive in include teaching, sales, and politics. Politics is an especially good career choice for extroverts as they are more opinionated and open to people than introverts.

Take Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May. Jeremy Corbyn is open and comes across as more friendly. This is because he is more of an extrovert and therefore can reach out to people that introverts like Theresa May cannot because she keeps her feelings locked up.

You could say extroverts act like dogs. Dogs are highly excited by going outside, meeting new people, and hate to be left alone.

Extroverts have quicker brain activity than introverts. You likely wouldn’t notice this unless you were actually seeking it, but extroverts can process things faster because of the way the brain is wired, giving the stimuli a shorter trip. However, this skips areas such as planning and problem solving, leading to the risk taking I mentioned in the previous paragraph.

But this doesn’t mean extroverts simple avoid the problems. Far from it. They just prefer to work out the solutions through group work. If an extrovert has had a tough day, the easiest way for them to reduce the stress is to talk about it, whether to a family member, a friend, or perhaps even a random stranger.

Famous extroverts include Margaret Thatcher and Bill Clinton, Justin Bieber and Beyonce, Will Smith and finally, Ringo Starr.

All of the above have had great successes as extroverts and have changed the world one way or another. So to any extroverts out there, play to your strengths and you’ll have success because of them.

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