Starting Point Monthly Update – November

The end of November has arrived and that means another monthly update for our blog readers.

We are seeing a great response to our ongoing social media activity, including our new Instagram page,where we will be posting both videos and pictures. Our weekly blogs are also gaining traction, with both inside and outside supporters loving them.

We would like to send a very special thank you to an anonymous donor who, because of our Berkshire Community Foundation blog, donated £5000 to Starting Point.

Starting Point’s activities this month include:

6th – Attended a Reading College NEET event and are mentoring 5 more young people as a direct result.

8th – Transition Mentoring at UTC – 5 young people in their final year of Education being mentored into their next step.

15th – Attended a group interview at Ikea with 3 young people. –An interview process designed to support those with Learning Disabilities, Learning Difficulties and Mental Health struggles.

2nd – 23rd – Filming Young People’s stories in preparation for a funding bid that would allow us to mentor more young people in Reading and wider.

26th – Planning Meeting for our 2019 Social groups. – First one to start in February.

27th – Transition Mentoring at Reading Girls School – 4 students in Year 11 Education being mentored in growing in confidence and looking at options for their future.

30th – Starting Point steering group meeting looking at the exciting plans for the project in 2019

As our next update blog won’t be until after Christmas, Starting Point would like to wish you and your families a very merry Christmas.

Our blogs for December will include mentees doing volunteering, and the Mentoring of Albus Dumbledore.

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