The Strengths of Introverts

If you’re an introvert raise your hand! There’s no need to raise both hands sir, just one will do. Oh you’re doing it because you’re proud to be an introvert? Then let me join you. I’ll even raise both my feet.

Being an introvert should affect people. It’s not something to be sad and ashamed about. It’s not something you can become or overcome overnight. And it’s not something other people should judge you by.

From my experience being an introvert can be an amazing thing, the same for being an extrovert. There are great positives, though of course there are likely negatives too. But let’s focus on the positives.

First of all, introverts have brilliant minds and imaginations. A lot of famous introverts are authors and have written bestselling books or have become world famous actors. Why? It’s a simple question with a simple answer; because they enjoy being inside their own heads.

Introverts are very creative. They love writing stories and lyrics, drawing all types of genre, and acting as characters. Remember your school and college days. Do you remember a person who was quiet? Kept their head down and didn’t make trouble? Didn’t make conversation? If you can’t, then that person is likely yourself, though you should be able to think of one, because there are millions.

Shyness is natural to introverts, but they have been proven to be great speakers when knowing what they are talking about. In fact, some of the most remembered speeches in human history were delivered by introverts. For example, Winston Churchill gave us the Iron Curtain and We Will Fight Them On The Beaches, major speeches that were turning points in 20th century history and still widely quoted to this day.

Why do introverts make great speakers? For one, they prepare and want to get it right. If an introvert has to make a speech, you’ll be sure they’re rehearsing it in their head over and over again. In that way, introverts are like actors. They learn the lines. Introverts also believe strongly in the message they are delivering.

Because of their introverted nature, introverts are believed to be uninteresting and boring to be around. But again, this is a terribly misunderstood assumption. Moving onto a negative, introverts are awful at small talk. Ever had an awkward period of silence when all you want to do is make conversation, but you don’t know how? That’s because introverts want to get to the nitty-gritty of matters. Discussion about the weather? Bah! Discussion about your deepest, darkest secrets? Now you’re talking.

People assume they have no confidence because of their lifestyle. But let me tell you, introverts have the power to make people underestimate them and then blow them away. Never underestimate an introvert.

Introverts are not social. Take them to a party, and they’ll most likely want to go home after just an hour, perhaps less. Unlike extroverts, who recharge their batteries through social events, introverts recharge by staying at home, tucked up with a good book, or watching Eastenders.

Staying at home will not only help introverts recharge and feel comfortable, they’ll learn an impressive amount of general knowledge. But that doesn’t mean introverts don’t want to be social.

For everyone who has an introverted friend, you should feel very proud. Introverts only take a handful of close friends. I’d say less than five at any time. If an introvert calls you a close or even best friend, that means they trust you completely. Going to a club might be a step too far for them, but going down to Starbucks to have a chat is their perfect cup of coffee.

Another brilliant aspect of introverts is that they are awesome listeners. If you’re in a meeting and an introvert isn’t speaking, this isn’t because they feel shy or scared. They’re listening to what people are saying, analysing it, and piecing together a response when their time to talk arrives. Listening also makes introverts great leaders and managers. They care about their team and listen to what they have to say. This also applies to friendship. If you have a problem with your work or personal life, try talking to an introvert. They’ll listen and try to help you, even if they don’t know the answer. They’re also more likely to keep things in their own head instead of voicing them. So listen when an introvert speaks because they don’t speak unless they think it relevant.

A sibling to listening is watching. Introverts will watch their surroundings and quickly start connecting the jigsaw pieces. People will be surprised when finding an introvert understands who they are and what they like. It’s because they’ve watched. That’s all there is to it. Watching and paying attention. They’ll pick up things you don’t even know about yourself.

As for those who work with introverts, they will be the best co-workers you could ask for. You can be sure they will do a proper job, being supportive and focused on what’s happening. Introverts are likely to have their efforts recognised. After all, if you feel they’re doing a great job, why not tell them? Introverts might also influence you without you knowing it. If you see them doing a great job, you might want to do the same and try to match them. Or perhaps their attitude and mood changes. If an introvert suddenly becomes moody, you might suddenly feel the urge to work harder to make them happy.

Many people who changed the world were introverts. Let me list a few: Bill Gates, Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Mark Zuckerberg, J.K. Rowling, Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, Elon Musk, and lastly Barack Obama.

Darwin introduced us to evolution, Newton to gravity, J.K. Rowling wrote the highly successful Harry Potter series, Barack Obama became the USA’s first black president, Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook, and Gandhi led peaceful protests that saw India become an independent country.

You might be there thinking, how does this make me happy? Because if you are an introvert, you too might do something that changes the world forever. Look back over the different topics I’ve covered. All of them can do this. Hard work, creativity, watching and listening, all pay off in the end.

So don’t worry about not being social and those who believe being introverted is wrong and judge you because of who you are. Introverts are more powerful than most believe. They have the power to surprise the world and when they do, you’ll be sure everyone will be listening to and watching them.

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