Mentoring Stories – 02

I have been volunteering as a mentor with Starting Point since the beginning of 2021 and being part of the Advance Mentoring team has been a really great experience so far. The Advance team mentor young people aged 11-19 years to help them with staying in education or deciding what to do once school is finished.

Mentoring young people is challenging but also incredibly rewarding. I support my young person through regular catch up sessions and we have spent a lot of time chatting away and getting to know each other. Watching her develop and grow in confidence has been wonderful and makes each week even more enjoyable. As our relationship grows we have been able to make plans towards the future and figure out what ambitions and goals she wants to set for herself. Discussing college routes, work experience opportunities and possible career paths helps increase her motivation and keeps her focused. I feel really proud watching my young person get excited about the future and developing a positive outlook on what adulthood may bring.

The support I have received on the Advance team is great and there are plenty of resources to help plan out sessions with my young person. I also feel mentoring has been a valuable experience for my own personal development and has also helped me to build my own confidence. There is a huge sense of achievement seeing your young person develop their social skills and boost their self esteem!

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