Sarah and Her Music

All of our mentees are talented. One of our mentees, Sarah, is a young person who loves music. She even creates her own, sometimes using her own experiences as inspiration.

Sarah’s love of music began during her time at primary school, when she started playing the piano. But that isn’t the only instrument Sarah plays. She also plays the guitar and has a great singing voice, all of which feature in her published songs.

Sarah likes to think of her music as genre-less, in other words it doesn’t fall into any particular area of music and is a mix of different genres. Her favourite genre is progressive rock, a style that originated in the 1960s and is influenced by classical elements, along with the keyboard and lengthy compositions. Her favourite musician is the British progressive rocker Steven Wilson, listening to his music since she was Year 9.

Sarah is mainly a solo artist, but that doesn’t mean she’s against group work. In fact she is working on an album project with a friend. At Reading College she studied music performance for two years, which included working in bands.

In her early secondary school education, she started writing and recording her own music. But it’s not an easy job and can take up to a week or longer to get the song written. Sarah begins her writing with a lyric book, in which she writes down any ideas she has so she doesn’t forget them. She then plays a few layers on the piano to get an idea of the tune she wants to use, throwing in other instruments such as the guitar or string instruments afterwards. With the tune in place, Sarah chooses the correct lyrics from her book and mixes together the music and words. Then she can record the music, polish it, and publish it.

Sarah publishes her work on the website Bandcamp, a free to use platform for musicians to upload their music so others can listen to it, which only takes a few minutes at the most. Users can also pay to buy songs they enjoy.

It’s not always so easy though. Sarah says getting the ideas is easy, but adding to the ideas and completing the music to a professional standards are the hardest parts.

So where does she get this awesome talent? Well it all comes from her family, because believe it or not, they are all musical. Her mother sings in a choir, her father plays the guitar and saxophone, and her brother plays drums in a band and writes cinematic style music.

Sarah is open to playing in public and with other musicians. For the future, Sarah wants to focus on writing more of her music and getting more people listening.

For any new and aspiring musicians, Sarah’s message is to hold onto your inspiration, don’t hold back when you get an idea, and write for yourself because not only will you like it, but somebody else will too.

Check out and listen to Sarah’s music here: She recommends Wake as the best track for new listeners, being better produced and her first song on Bandcamp!

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