Mentoring in Films


Did you know mentoring takes place in films all the time? Think of a film and there’s bound to be a man or woman teaching and leading a single person or group to achieve the film’s eventual happy ending.

Let’s pick a film at random. Star Wars maybe?

Obi-Wan Kenobi becomes a mentor to Luke Skywalker after the sudden deaths of Luke’s aunt and uncle. Obi-Wan is highly protective of the young man and is dedicated to helping Luke succeed in learning everything he needs to become a great success. Luke also sees his mentor as a father figure and role model. Obi-Wan also helps Luke grow in confidence to the point where Luke will walk into any situation calmly and with no fear. The old mentor even returns after his death to teach Luke and provide him with knowledge and advise.

Another great example of mentoring is Mufasa in Disney’s The Lion King. Perhaps one of the best mentors of all time, Mufasa is kind but strict, from teaching the young Simba how to hunt and pounce, to explaining the responsibilities of being a king, and scolding Simba when the lion cub disobeys his father. Like Obi-Wan, Mufasa returns from the dead to continue the mentoring when Simba needs guidance only his father gave give him.

A much more recent film series that features mentoring is the Marvel Cinematic Universe between Iron Man and Spider-Man. Being young with a brilliant mind and superpowers, Spidey needs someone to teach him the ropes of responsibility. Iron Man takes this duty, wanting his mentee to become the hero he isn’t. Iron Man sees a lot of himself in Spider-Man and therefore is greatly invested in his future. He punishes Spider-Man when he puts innocent lives in danger, making the young hero learn to act more responsibly. Spider-Man sees his mentor as the father he didn’t have and wants to please him to prove Iron Man’s investment doesn’t go to waste.

Have you spotted the running theme? All of the mentees are young people with great futures ahead of them. This is exactly what mentoring is meant to achieve!

If you’re a mentor, the next time you watch a film, look out for different types of mentoring and what the positive effects are. You might learn something along the way which could help you with your mentoring skills.

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