What is the Navigator programme?

The Navigator Programme aims to stop the cycle of violence and the strain this puts on the NHS. We aim to do this by working with those aged 13-24 who attend A&E for violence related injuries and/ or risk-taking behaviour. The Navigators will be able to have conversations with these young people, within A&E, who often are in a reachable moment. The Navigators will then also be able to signpost the young people onto relevant community groups or organisations, and offer mentoring to help the young person access assistance to see long lasting change.

What does being a Navigator involve?

Being a Navigator involves being present and available to talk to any young person attending A&E for the above reasons. Navigators may be referred by the hospital staff, may be approached by a young person or may start up a conversation. All we are looking for is availability and a passion to work with and help young people.

Where and when?

Navigators are based in the Royal Berkshire Hospital’s A&E departments on Fridays and Saturdays between 8:00pm and midnight. Our volunteer Navigators work in pairs and there is no set requirement for regularity of volunteering. It could be once or twice a month, once every six weeks, or sporadic, subject to work and availability.

Join our new programme and become a Navigator, working with those aged 13–24 who attend A&E for violence related injuries and/ or risk-taking behaviour. Being a Navigator is a great opportunity to have conversations with young people in a reachable moment within the hospital setting.

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