How do we support schools and colleges?

At Starting Point, we support schools in a number of ways through ‘Starting Point Co-Provision’ – our offer of Alternative Provision.

Starting Point Co-Provision for Years 7–11, co-designed by young people and co-led by expert practitioners – providing young people with the tools and confidence to feel positive about their futures.

Co-Provision is embedded in our relational, tailored, and holistic approach to mentoring.

Supporting young people to:

• Grow in self-esteem
• Manage their emotions
• Develop positive peer relationships
• Learn skills for their future
• Take ownership of projects
• Reintegrate back into education

Depending on their needs and aspirations, young people can access the following:

Action Media – A young person led media initiative, providing meaningful work experience in the creative industry.
Therapeutic Art – Using art as a therapeutic tool to enable conversation, build young people’s self-esteem, explore their emotions, and help build positive relationships with people who share a similar interest.
Advance Mentoring – Supports young people aged 11–19 throughout their journey of thriving in education and their community.

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Action Media

‘It’s been amazing! A great learning opportunity. I’m excited to continue’ – Lucy

Of the young people who have accessed Action Media:

• 75% grew in self-motivation
• 90% grew in confidence
• 90% gained skills they need for the workplace

Therapeutic Art

‘A fun adventure into the world of art. The best thing I’ve ever done’ – Kiera

Of the young people who have accessed Therapeutic Art:

• 60% said they felt more optimistic about their future plans
• 75% said the workshops helped them think about their future career
• 100% would recommend the workshops to a friend

Advance Mentoring

‘Having an extra person to talk to has been really fun, and an action plan for things that are going on’ – Jacob

‘I found mentoring very helpul… it helped to boost my confidence in school where I struggle most.’ – Anish

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