Young Person’s Event Review – Confronting the Disappearances

As part of our Starting Point Studio Alternative Provision for school, we work with young people to gain Arts Awards qualifications.
Part of the Arts Award requires being an audience member at an arts event. This is a review of a local art exhibition from one of our young people.


Confronting the Disappearances: Polam Chan, Carrie Shen and Wai Hang Siu

571 Oxford Road – Part of Open Hand Open Space

[ Review by H ]



I attended the gallery to learn about modern art and get a better understanding and train of thought from the artists themselves.

I saw many different art forms, by artists from Ukraine and Hong Kong.

A sculpture made of different materials, many different paintings/drawings and a video.

I liked that each piece of art had a large explanation behind it, because it showed the artists point of view and vision.

It was a shame that we didn’t get to go through some of the pieces of art.



I now have a better understanding of modern art and find it a lot more interesting.  I learnt about the war in Ukraine, and how they expressed what was going on there through their art.

I recommend this experience to others because I believe it has the chance to inspire young artists.


Special thanks from Starting Point to the gallery, and especially Charles Wong, the curator, who was there to show us around the exhibition.