What is Traffic Light Mentoring?

Traffic Light Mentoring is designed to support young people aged 16-25 throughout their journey of attaining, maintaining and thriving within education, employment and training.

Weekly mentoring for young people who are currently NEET.
Support is focused on overcoming the barriers, growing in confidence and gaining skills for education, employment or training.

Regular mentoring for young people recently EET.
Support is focused on maintaining the positive change, covering areas such as managing routine, decision making and conflict resolution.

On demand mentoring for young people who have successfully sustained being EET.
This approach is to ensure that a young person receives support if at risk of becoming NEET again.

Where and When?

Traffic Light Mentoring sessions primarily take place in public locations such as cafes and libraries. However, we have a mentoring space in our central offices for young people who may feel uncomfortable meeting in a public environment.

All mentoring sessions usually take place weekly, at a time and day that is convenient for both the young person and their mentor.


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