Mentoring young people aged 11-19 who are ‘at risk’ of exclusion or of becoming NEET upon leaving education.

What is Advance Mentoring?

In connection with local schools and colleges. Advance Mentoring is one-to-one mentoring for young people aged 11-19, who are most at risk of exclusion and/or are likely to become NEET upon leaving education.

Mentoring focuses on areas such as communication skills, positive mental attitude, effective teamwork, improving personal presentation, as well as identifying a potential career path.

Mentoring can also provide a relational space where the young person can explore the circumstances, emotions or reasons as to why they are struggling to engage in school or college, in a safe environment.

Once the young person has left education, they progress into our Aspire Mentoring programme. This makes sure there is a support structure in place so that no young person has to end up in the vulnerable position of being long-term NEET.

Where and When?

We tailor the locations, times and activities around each young person as well as their school or college’s timetable. Previous mentoring has taken place on and off site, within and outside of school hours.

What about your school or college?

We ran a successful pilot with 4 schools and colleges mentoring those ‘most at risk’ of becoming NEET. 75% of young people left school/college with a positive destination in place, with the remaining 25% choosing to continue mentoring post education where they are now being supported to take steps into employment. To find out how your school or college can get involved

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