Building confidence.

Loneliness and social isolation is a growing issue amongst young people, particularity those aged 18 to 25.

Partnering with local organisations we set up regular social groups to encourage peer-to-peer support; building confidence, social skills and teamwork.

Salt of the Earth

This 5 week programme is designed to combat social isolation, grow social skills and build confidence. Mentors can attend with their mentees to help them overcome initial fears of meeting new people.

This programme is financed and enabled by Reading Family Church. 

Peaced Together

A creative arts course for women, exploring topics such as courage, choices, thankfulness, and peace with the past. With the belief that good can come from negative and difficult experiences, participants are supported to rediscover hope and purpose, move forward, and look to the future.

This programme is facilitated in partnership with the organisation Peaced Together, and The Gate Church, Reading.

Annual Fun Day

Partnering with NCS The Challenge, we run a annual fun day as an opportunity for the young people we support to socialise with their peers in a safe environment. The event also highlights to the young people the benefits of volunteering, as well as thanking those who have already volunteered in the local community with a certificate and gift card.

The volunteering gift card is financed by the #iwill project.