Sam Lloyd

Sam joined Starting Point as Project Manager at the end of July 2016. He has worked with youth and young people either professionally or voluntarily for 9 years and counting. Within his role as Project Manager, Sam directs the different strands the project offers and invests in building local partnerships. He is passionate about seeing young people find purpose, value and self-confidence through relational support. Outside of work Sam enjoys song-writing and all things football.

  • Tel: 0118 956 7000
  • Mob: 07864040466

Keren Newnham

Keren joined Starting Point in April 2019.  Working with young people in various countries for over 20 years, Keren has worked in education, alternative education, parenting and community development.  As the Mentoring Lead, she works to positively foster the ‘Traffic Light Mentoring’ programme, and match young people with mentors who can be a positive, reliable influence in their lives. Keren is passionate about getting to know young people and helping them succeed in their lives.  Outside of work, she loves to read, explore the outdoors, and keep active at the gym.

  • Tel: 0118 956 7000
  • Mob: 07825331262

Rebecca Baker

Rebecca joined the Starting Point team in September 2014. Since 2003 she has worked with various community projects in the charity sector, including counselling, support for vulnerable women, and an education centre for excluded teenagers. She coordinates various practical and administrative areas of the project, as well as mentoring some of our young people.

  • Tel: 0118 956 7000
  • Mob: 07724630216

Sophie O’Rourke

Sophie joined the Starting Point team in January 2020.  Over the last few years she has worked with young people from a variety of backgrounds. She wants to see young people get the support they need to succeed and make a difference in the world, no matter what they’ve experienced in their lives.  As the Support Mentor, she helps mentor young people and supports the Mentoring lead to help fulfil the ‘Traffic Light Mentoring’ Programme. Outside of work, she loves photography, coffee and is a massive movie buff!

  • Tel: 0118 956 7000
  • Mob: 07500 784983