NHS Transition to Adulthood videos

Presenting Perspectives – A collection of five short films, capturing the voice of young people from Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West, sharing their views and perspectives on their Transition to Adulthood. Funded by NHS SE Learning Disability and Autism Programme.

See life through the lens of youngsters, many of who are neurodiverse or have a learning disability. Our Starting Point Studio Alternative Provision group of school pupils have co-created five powerful films, with young people giving their perspectives on life as a young person, the future, health and relationships, and education.

See the set of full videos over at the NHS B.O.B. Integrated Care System website >> HERE

This group were responsible for naming and branding the project. They were also involved with some filming and interviewed themselves for the films too.

Other organisations in the selected counties were approached and were encouraged to use participatory filming [enabling the young people to film and record each other] in settings where the young people would feel comfortable – youth clubs/groups, and in the presence of trusted adult relationships. These relationships allowed for some honest and powerful answers to be shared.

The Alternative Provision group were involved in aspects of the editing process – choosing which footage they wanted to include or not – and using industry standard software, while learning how to cut together the footage on computer.

They were also involved in selecting the music for the films, picking which key phrases to highlight, and filming ‘cutaway’ shots for the videos.

Life as a Young Person

Short clips from the Life as a Young Person video.


Short clips from the Education video.

The Future

Short clips from the Future video.


Short clips from the Relationships video.


Short clips from the Health video.

Thank You

All the young people who participated and worked on these interviews.
Thank you for your commitment and courage.

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