Welcome to Starting Point

Welcome to Starting Point, an exciting new venture in Airdrie town centre, North Lanarkshire. The Starting Point shop is home to Airdrie’s newest up and coming entrepreneurs. The project is facilitated by TCA Ltd and supported by the European Regional Development Fund and North Lanarkshire Council. It provides a nurturing environment, comprehensive training and continued support to businesses looking to grow in a town centre. Whether you’re looking to buy, apply to take part or just find out more about the project you’ll find everything you need to know about Starting Point here! 

Starting Point is bringing something completely new to your high street (or at least Airdries' high street for now!). A unique shopping experience that cannot be matched by anyone else on the high street. The idea is really very simple. We provide a modern retail space to any new-start businesses that can demonstrate they really have something special that they can offer the high street. Those that are lucky enough to be selected are given 6 months in our shop to grow and develop their business. Easy! You can help the growth of these businesses in your community coming along to the Starting Point retail outlet at Graham Street, Airdrie. 

Starting Point is more than just a place to shop.